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AutoLayout by Example

I've been trying to get more comfortable with AutoLayout recently since it's clearly part of the future of any Cocoa app. The problem isn't understanding what it is and how it's meant to work, it's understanding how to use it effectively to solve non-trivial layout problems.

The instructor from a recent Big Nerd Ranch class, Jonathan Blocksom, said it well:

The great thing about autolayout is that it's a framework for solving a system of simultaneous equations describing complex view layouts; the terrible thing about autolayout is that you have to describe view layouts as a system of simultaneous equations.

I picked up a copy of iOS Auto Layout Demystified which helps to explain how autolayout works, but there's really no substitute to diving and using it in anger and seeing how to actually do something with it. So, I created an autolayout sandbox project and put it up on GitHub on the chance that someone else might find it useful, maybe even future me.