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New Look

For the longest time I've used the handle "CausticMango" online. It started in the 90's as a way to remain somewhat private. I don't feel the need to be so private any more and it would be trivial to find out who "CausticMango" was anyway.

So, my Twitter name is now @samuelwford, my GitHub name is samuelwford, and my web site is http://samuelwford.com.

The one thing that was great about CaustiMango is that I could be pretty much assured that if went to sign up for some new service that name would be available. And if it wasn't, most likely I'd already signed up before and just forgotten. "Samuel Ford" or "Sam Ford" or "SFord" or "SF" is not so readily available. Oh well; it is a cool name. I'm not surprised so many people use it. :)