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Fine, I'll Do It Myself ...

A while back we really needed a shared, web-based password vault for our widely distributed tech team. Surprisingly, I just couldn't find a decent one we could use.

LastPass seemed like the obvious first, choice but we'd need the "enterprise" version which would run into the thousands annually for our team. Seriously, guys? Ouch.

There were a few other web-based choices that were lest costly, but most were very clunky to use and still cost more than I really felt they should.

I ended up installing Rattic on a free-tier, micro EC2 instance. It serves well enough, though installation was a pain and I really don't want yet another server to update, backup, manage, etc. Also, I can't easily integrate with Google Apps for authentication so everyone has one more user account to deal with.

I had a few hours to kill a few weekends ago and decided to spin back up a super simple, Rails clone I started a bit ago called, unimaginatively Password Vault. The idea was something that could easily be deployed to Heroku, preferrably using Heroku Button. I figured maybe some other folks had similar, simple needs so I decided to make is personal, open source project.

It's not quite ready for prime time, but it should be soon. Once I have the basics working the way I want, I think I'm going to convert the UI to Ember. I need a good practice project for it.