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Privacy is this Century's Tobacco

Absolutely brilliant and prescient.

From the podcast Is the shine off (the) Apple? episode at the 15:53 mark:

Horace: "I think you're right, I think consumers don't care [about privacy], and indeed they didn't care about tobacco killing them and they didn't care about sugar killing them and they didn't care about fascism and a lot of other destructive forces in society ..."

Host: "It just got very real, Horace!"

Horace: "Well, I don't really think it's at all different. Privacy is more important than a lot of these health issues. It is going to be the 'Tobacco' of the 21st century without a doubt. And whoever's on the wrong side of that bet is going to get completely decimated. I mean it's just going to be tragic."

As the Jacobite prince is fond of saying on the Outlander series, "Mark me," I think this worm will turn. And when it does, it may be a rough time for Facebook, Google, and other social sites that depend on people donating or selling their personal data.