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Swift Workgrounds?

Recently updated my iPad to the iOS 10 beta solely so I could check out Swift Playgrounds and all I have to say is, "Wow!"

Just about everything about it is just super impressive. Two things in particular really blow me away:

  • The editor.
  • This is actual, full-on Swift. With UIKit. Let that sink in for a minute.

The editor is brilliant. I absolutely love that it feels like a cool mix of Scratch and a text editor, the way it handles "auto complete" is nicely adapted to touch, and I kind of wish I could use the "power" keyboard everywhere.

It's decidedly not an IDE (which is fine). It's not trying to be, it's a playground and a great fit for an iPad.

But what really is making me feel a little giddy & lightheaded is that this is really Swift, not some jacked up "SwiftScript" or constrained subset. This is the real deal with access to the Cocoa Touch frameworks. The real thing. When I hit "Run My Code", there's a Swift compiler & linker producing a binary and running it. On my two year old iPad Air. I don't what the actual implementation is, but the result is effectively the same.

It makes me giddy because if we can do this in a playground, and we can obviously do it safely enough that Apple isn't afraid of it, where else will we compile & run Swift on the fly?

This may be crazy talk, but just think about this little thought experiment: if a browser can download source code (Javascript), some UI layout (HTML, CSS), and some resources and run them in a rectangle to present a useful app (sometimes slowly & painfully), what's stopping it from downloading a different set of source code (Swift) and UI layout (storyboards & xibs) and running those in a rectangle to present a useful app?

Web apps have basically turned into the defacto platform for workaday and line-of-business apps. As mobile becomes the dominate computing platform, having something better than the somewhat creaky web stack could be super appealing.